Bamboo and Dead Sea Salt Body Polish - for body

Mango Coral Empire


Have you exfoliated lately?

Skin exfoliation is important for skin health. It clears away dead cells and unclogs pores to reveal smoother, rejuvenated skin.

Our combination of bamboo and Dead Sea salt is a safe and effective option for exfoliating your body. 

Dead Sea salt contains minerals that nourish the skin. Bamboo is a rich source of Silica which enhances the body's process of mineral absorption. Bamboo contains anti-oxidants which work synergistically with the nutrients in our oil blend to replenish and revitalize your skin. 


Please note this product is not intended for use on the face.

Directions for use:

We recommend stirring the product with a clean spoon before use. Sedimentation may occur in this natural product. This is normal.

Put a tablespoon full of body polish into your hands. Apply to wet body avoiding contact with the eyes. Use a gentle motion to apply evenly on the body. Rinse off completely with warm water.

Discontinue use if rash develops.

For external use only.








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