Balancing Facial Toner with extracts of algae, calendula and cucumber - for body/face

Mango Coral Empire


Our facial toner tightens and rebalances the skin mantle when used after cleansing.  A balanced skin is a prerequisite for the skin's absorption of vital nutrients.

This formulation contains aloe vera juice, witch hazel leaf water, calendula, cucumber and algae and royal jelly extracts chosen for their gentle anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.  Aloe Vera juice is an astringent and an emollient with healing properties. Essential oils of thyme and neroli enhance its tightening and antibacterial actions.

Use this toner to hydrate and purefy your face. Coveted pore minimizing will ensue.

Soft and smooth facial skin is yours for the asking when you serve yourself with our toner.

This product does not contain alcohol.

Directions for use:

Pour a small amount of toner into hands and apply by patting gently on the face after cleansing. Apply moisturizer (optional). Avoid contact with eyes.

For external use only.

Discontinue use is rash develops.


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