Argan and Rosehip Facial Care Oil - for body/face

Mango Coral Empire


Our facial oil is a gentle and effective moisturizer. Its key ingredients are oils of rosehip, argan, jojoba seed, rice bran, black cumin seed, carrot seed, neroli and rose maroc.

Rosehip oil works on the cellular level of the skin to renew dull, dry skin and restore elasticity.  Argan oil, aptly referred to as "liquid gold" is one of the finest of facial moisturizers containing anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, carotene, phenols, sterols, ferulic acid and vitamin E which promote skin healing and reduce signs of ageing. Jojoba seed oil is stable and spreads easily for absorption into the skin.

Rice Bran is a natural sunscreen with Vitamin E which plays a protective role in this composition.

Carrot Oil stimulates metabolic activity, skin repair and skin detoxification. Neroli and Rose Maroc stimulate cell growth while black cumin seed is an effective anti-oxidant.

This facial oil is fast absorbing and effectively a dry oil. It does not leave a heavy oily residue on the face. This oil a good choice for enhancing your natural complexion.

Directions for use:

Apply 1 to 2 drops to your face with clean fingertips after cleansing. Massage very gently into the skin.

Discontinue use if rash develops

Fir external use only. 








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