What guides us at Mango Coral Empire

The skin is the largest organ of the body.  Its preservation is essential to our well-being.

The skin requires a balance of nutritive elements to stay healthy. Skin nutrition objectives are achieved with our carefully-selected ingredients. 

Mango Coral Empire explores developments in skincare and brings to our customer the benefits of this ongoing research.

Our customer's happiness is our success.

A truly natural focus.

Respect for:

1. Mother Nature and all her offerings.

2. Human rights.

Support for:

1. Creative customer orientation.

2.  Ethical business relationships.


Social Responsibility

Mango Coral Empire shares the world community commitment to equity, justice and peace for all persons.  We understand that economic empowerment is a key to enhanced quality of life. To this end we are actively engaged in and support the development of life-enhancing opportunities for marginalized populations. A portion of our business profits will be directed to supporting creative community entrepreneurship. 

Mango Coral Empire will engage in social events which aim at promoting economic empowerment.To this end Mango Coral Empire has created and sponsors D'Brunch TM.- a dance and brunch event for phenomenal women and their supporting.cast. 

Mango Coral Empire adopts ecologically-friendly business practices. 

Mango Coral Empire maintains ethical branding by 

a. transparency in our ingredient disclosure

b. sourcing raw materials that are safe for skin applications.

c. continually seeking eco-friendly and sustainable options in our supply chain management.